Welcome Message

Dear Knanaya Brothers & Sisters,


It gives me immense pleasure to cordially welcome each and everyone of you to our mega gathering. The KCCNA Executive Committee and KCAG community want to give you an amazing experience during the four days we will be together. Our goal is to have you enjoy the event and be able to cherish all moments. KCCNA Executive, KCAG Executive together with the Convention Chairman, and 45 sub committees have been working diligently to make sure you have the best convention experience. If you run into any inconvenience, we want you to notify us about your concerns immediately, and I assure you that we will try our very best to resolve your issues. Please be mindful that everyone is expected to be considerate to your fellow Knananites and give them a helping hand when needed.

We have a vast array of programs and competitions on a tight schedule. We request each and everyone of you cooperate in order to have effective time management. While we all want to have abundance of fun, we also have a Zero Tolerance Policy with respect to security, substance abuse, alcoholism or intoxication. To my fellow parents, please be the role models to our youngsters; to my youngsters, whatever you do, please do it in moderation, mindful of your health and serenity.

Once again, on behalf of the entire North American Knanaya Catholic community welcome to the KCCNA Convention, and have a wonderful time.

Baby Manakunnel
KCCNA President