Dallas KCYL Starry Nights Banquet!

On April 28th, Dallas KCYL conducted a Starry Nights Banquet in the Knai Thomman Hall of Christ the King Knanaya Catholic Church. It was a great way to end the 2017- 2018 year and everyone who attended had a lot of fun. When everyone arrived, they received a glow bracelet and a raffle ticket that went towards a $50 gift card. Everyone enjoyed appetizer of meatballs, chips, dips, fruit, and vegetables, along with punch and cold water.

We began our banquet with a few rounds of speed dating. Boys and girls sat in rows across from each other and had about 1 minute to introduce themselves and get to know each other. Each round had a specific question they had to answer and ask their partner. In the next game we played everyone had a sticker with one half of a pair written on it placed on their forehead. They had to then ask questions to figure out what the name was on their forehead and then they had to find their pair. For example, if one person's sticker said "Tom," they needed to find someone who had a sticker that said "Jerry." After finding their pair everyone had 2 minutes to get to know their partner. Then the board members randomly selected a few pairs to come up to the front. If the pair correctly answered a question about the other person, for example, " Where does your partner want to go college?", they would each get a raffle ticket. Everyone had a lot of fun getting to know people they may not have known very well before.

After the few icebreaker games, everyone was treated to a presentation by Amy Thachet, our guest speaker for the evening. Amy did an amazing job speaking about social media, the way we use it, and the way it affects us. The presentation revolved around a testimony of her friend and consisted mostly of group discussions. She led the discussion in a way that was both inviting and comfortable which made many people share their own experiences and ask questions.  Her words left us thinking more about something we do everyday and our KCYL couldn't be more thankful that she came to speak to us!

After the discussion with our wonderful speaker, everyone split up to random groups based on the color of the glow bracelet they chose at the beginning of banquet. We played a few competitive games with all of the winning teams receiving more raffle tickets. We ended the activity portion with some salsa dancing.

The type of food the majority of the members had requested for banquet was Asian food, so for dinner we had fried rice with Kung Pao Chicken and Blazing Mongolian Beef and Egg Rolls. While everyone ate dinner, a video was played showcasing all of the KCYL 2017- 2018 events and all the people who attended those events. After the video, Danny Aunty (Pallattumadam), our Dallas Women's Forum President, picked our $50 gift card raffle winner. Congrats to Freddy Pallattumadam for winning the $50 Visa Gift Card! Thank you to Sujith and Mary Ann Chennangattu for sponsoring the gift card!

We ended the night with some pictures at the photo booth and a great DJ provided by Sujith Uncle (Chennangattu)!

Thank you to Thomachen Uncle (Mukalel), Aji Uncle (Thattarettu), Lijo Chettai (Matchanickal), Danny Aunty (Pallatttumadam), Shamon Uncle (Pallattumadam), Suni Aunty (Mukalel), Bindu Aunty (Chennangattu), Sini Aunty (Thattarettu), Ashley Thattarettu, Priya Aunty (Karakkattil), and Emily Kattapuram for being our chaperones for the evening and helping out with countless things like preparing the food, helping us set up the beautiful decorations, and helping us cleanup! Thank you Achen and trustees for letting us use the Knai Thomman Hall for our banquet! Thank you to all the KCYL members who came early and stayed after to help us set up and clean up! Thank you also to all the KCYL members who attended and thank you parents for letting them attend! 

We hope everyone had a wonderful evening!

Published By: Reshma Karakkattil (Dallas/Fort Worth, United States)