KCAG Youth are ready for 13th KCCNA Convention in Atlanta.

With the 2018 Knanaya Family Convention rapidly approaching, we are excited and eager to receive our guests arriving from all corners of the country. From the youth perspective, we are especially excited to introduce a large portion of the youth to a city they have never visited nor have much familiarity with Atlanta. 

Atlanta is what we consider a highly underrated city. From the amazing cuisine to the hip hop legacy,there is much to be appreciated. Atlanta is home to the busiest airport in the world. That’s right, the WORLD. 17 Fortune 500 companies are headquartered in Atlanta, with that number only growing.

Many of the youth are well aware of Atlanta’s imprint on the cultural landscape of the entire country,  especially when it comes to music. The home of hip hop innovation and some of the country’s hottest artists, Atlanta is no beginner when it comes to music. What many people do not know, is that Atlanta is also the second most important city in the movie industry, behind LA/ Hollywood of course. There is much more to be said about Atlanta: two small paragraphs are simply not enough to talk about a rapidly up and coming city. This leads us to the youth of Atlanta and the Knanaya community. The Knanaya community in Atlanta is a smaller one compared to others around the country. What we lack in size, we make up in unity and heart. We are excited to host this upcoming convention, and believe it will be the best one yet.

The youth of Atlanta are also close knit and have similar backgrounds, many of us having moved here from the Chicago or New York regions. We are also considered “low key” in the Kna world. With a smaller community at times comes the struggle to truly socialize and integrate amongst the bigger cities and communities. It takes a slightly more concerted effort to be involved on a national level when you derive from a smaller community such as Atlanta.

Nonetheless, many of the Atlanta youth have made this concerted effort, and are well connected throughout the Kna youth community. There are also many that have not. This leads to exciting possibilities of new friendships and bonds to be built, and also excellent networking opportunities with a large group of amazing, yet unknown, undiscovered people!

With much of the focus for this convention geared towards the youth, we are working hard to ensure the activities planned are ones that will generate high levels of interest for the age group of 21-30. We GURANTEE that this will be a success from the youth perspective. The entire Atlanta youth community is invested in the success of this convention. We have already formed the KCYLA Convention Committee of Atlanta, a youth convention committee specifically geared towards the age group of 21-30. The location of the convention is also ideal, in the heart of Atlanta right next to World of Coke, CNN Center, Georgia Aquarium, Phillips Arena, and Centennial Olympic Park. We could not ask for a better location. 

Below, are some of the highlights we are working on, with much more information coming in the near future:
• High end club nights on Friday and Saturday night.
  Also working on using the hot Atlanta hip hop scene to our advantage to see if we can potentially give our guests a taste of Atlanta’s talent.
• Knanaya Idol- our youth will be allowed to showcase their singing and performing talents, with a HUGE grandprize at stake.
• Thursday evening ice breaker • Friday afternoon youth social.
• Rooftop brunch on Sunday morning.
These are just some preliminary, high level plans- we hope to unveil the entire detailed  itinerary in a few weeks. Overall, we expect this to be the biggest convention yet, and encourage all youth from across the country to sign up to be a part of this historic event!
Philip Thomas Kandarapallil         
Convention Co-Chair Youth

Reported by - Simon Illikattil (Atlanta, Georgia, United States)