Dallas KCYL and Kids Club Easter Egg Hunt!

A classic event around the Easter season is the Easter Egg season. This year KCYL and Kids Club decided to conduct an Easter Egg Hunt together on April 7th at the Oran Good Park from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm.

However, the weather had different plans for us. :)  We decided to relocate the Easter Egg Hunt to the association house. Even though we had to change to a smaller location, we were able to still have a fun time! We had two Easter Egg Hunts for the different age groups with about 600+ eggs total. The kids had a great time looking for eggs in the living room, garage, and outside. In the first age group, Desia Pullimootil found the most eggs. In the 2nd age group, Levin Erikattuparambil found the most eggs. Congrats to both of them! The fun morning ended with pizza for lunch.

As always, we cannot conduct any event without the support of our parents, KCYL members, and KCADFW board members. Thank you to all the parents for bringing your children to the Easter Egg Hunt even though the weather was not favorable and thank you to the parents who stuck around to help out. Thank you to Sibi Uncle (Karakkattil) for picking up the pizza for lunch. Thank you to all the KCYL members who volunteered; we really appreciate your help and we hope you had a good time! We would like to thank Thommachen Uncle (Mukalel), Aji Uncle (Thattarettu), and Nisy Aunty (Puthenmadathil) for guiding us throughout the whole planning process, especially when the weather changes occurred and for helping out with the set up and clean up. 

All in all, everyone had a great time!

Published By: Reshma Karakkattil (Dallas/Fort Worth, United States) on behalf of DALLAS - KCADFW