Dallas KCYL Celebrates Thanksgiving with a Potluck!

On Saturday, November 25th, KCYL members gathered at Dallas KCYL President, Reshma Karakkattil's, house for an afternoon of fun filled games and delicious food to celebrate "friendsgiving." Everyone started arriving around 11 AM, bringing with them delicious thanksgiving food, like stuffing, mashed potatoes, and different casseroles. The event began with a small prayer and then everyone filled up their plates. After a filling lunch, everyone was divided into 6 random groups and gathered in the living room to play some games.

The first game everyone played is called 3-2-1, a dice game. Team 2 won after some close calls and received candy. Next, each team nominated a group member to participate in the pie eating contest. The rules of the pie eating contest were simple. Contestants can't use their hands to eat and whoever finishes the entire slice of pie first wins. The game was quite messy but made some for some memorable moments as we continued this Potluck tradition. Potluck ended with a fun game of Mafia and a competitive game of Word Salad, a game like charades.

The KCYL board is so thankful for such a great event and we thank everyone who attended! This potluck couldn't have been as successful without everyone!


Reported by - Reshma Karakkattil (Dallas, Texas, United States)