New leadership for Dallas Knanaya Yuvajenavedhi

Dallas Knanaya community have been blessed to have many new families in the last couple of years who are either emigrated from India or moved from other places in USA. We have around 30 children who are above 16 years old and unmarried who are born and brought up mostly outside USA. Due to the cultural and language differences, these children could not actively participate with current KCYL members. Many of them looked at other Knanaya cities and requested to form a new sub organization called Knanaya Catholic Yuvajenavedhi like in other cities under KCADFW. Middle of 2017, KCADFW agreed to form this and until today it was running with a few volunteers. Ever since it was formed, they have been actively participating in association and church programs.

To formalize their sub-organization further going forward, last week we selected a new President, Secretary and Treasurer. Since we have around only 30 members, number of officer position is limited to 3 at this time. 


The newly elected officers are

President – Philipson Mudakodil 

Secretary – Sangeetha Madathikalathil

Treasurer – Luke Kunnel.

Congratulations to all the newly elected officers of Yuvajenavedhi. 


Published By: Sibi Karakkattil (Dallas/Fort Worth, United States)