Dallas KCYL elects a new board!

On Sunday, May 20th KCYL held elections for the 2018- 2019 KCYL Board. Each position had 2 or 3 candidates and everyone who ran did an amazing job! We are so happy to see that so many people were interested in leadership positions in our community! Thank you for supporting KCYL so much in the past year! We hope you continue to encourage your children to participate in future KCYL events.

Congratulations to the 2018- 2019 Dallas KCYL Board!

President: Tara Chirayil
Vice President: Marina Mukalel
Secretary: Jamie Perumbel
Joint Secretary: Tesna Mukalel
Treasurer: Jobin Chirayil
Historian: Freddy Pallattumadam

Published By: Reshma Karakkattil (Dallas/Fort Worth, United States) on behalf of DALLAS - KCADFW