KCADFW was founded by a few Knanaya families in Dallas FortWorth area to foster the family ties and maintain the Knanaya culture among them.

It was officially established on Saturday April 11th, 1992 at the house of Jacob and Aleyamma Mullasery in Mesquite. Check KCADFW Board of directors to see past executive committee of this organization.

Currently it does the following activities for it members

Annual super bowl gathering

Annual Picnic with sports competitions

Onam celebrations with clutural competitoins

Anual Camping

New Year celebrations.

Association give education awards to 5th grade, 8th grade and 12th grade for high accademic achievemnets. Also provide education scolarship to low income families.

Governing body of the association is the Executive Committee which include Board of Directors, National council members, Women's Forum president and KCYL president. Only Board of Directors have the voting power in this committee.

Contact email of Executive committee is kcadfw-ec@googlegroups.com