Site (I am a is owned and supported by Knanaya catholic association of Dallas Fort Worth(KCADFW) in collabration with KCCNA and other Knanaya organizations in North America.

The following are the some of the  pupose of this WebSite/Web application

  • Connect all the Knanaya people around the world.

  • Create global database for all Knanaya people information.

  • Create One site for news and information.

  • Create Knanaya family ancestry.

  • Create an online Knanaya picture directory.

  • Online search tool for finding people.

  • One place to maintain all knanaya organizations/events information.

  • Create a Global communication tool.

  • Create a Global matrimonial site.

  • Verify a person's Knanaya identity.

The profile of the persons involved in managing this site can be seen by clicking on this link

Support for this site is currently paid by Dallas Knanya catholic Association, KCCNA and private individuals. More to be done to this site and we are making progess every week. Since the Support require lot of money, we accept donations from other knanaya organizations and individuals. Please write a check to KCADFW and send it to KCADFW, 3057 Longmeade Dr, Farmers Branch, TX 75007.

KCADFW is non-profit organization and contributions are tax deductable. KCADFW will issue a receipt for all the contributions.